The perfect solution if you want to increase your realtor network.

Without consuming all of your time. Don’t have enough time to call hundreds of realtors monthly?

We got you taken care of. 👊

Your Genie Agent (s)

Phone Genie

  • Cold calls agents for you.
  • Schedules realtor introduction phone meeting.
  • Coordinates and communicates meeting details.

Facebook Genie

  • Connects your profile with new agents.
  • Strategically engages with new agent’s posts.
  • Now that they’re warmed up we can start messaging with the goal of landing a meeting.

Be Different! Provide A Unique Experience for Every Realtor.

Custom Landing Pages
See Live Sample
Sample Media Kit
See Live Sample

Break The Ice

Every Loan Officer will get a custom virtual business card to send to new agents.

The Meeting is Confirmed Now What?

Step One: Calendar invites are sent out.

This event is created so you and the realtor can see the event invitation.

*The Genie Team will help set up your account.

The reason why you can only see this event is that we have realtor information on there such as:

  • Contact information
  • Notes about the phone call
  • Sold loan volume
  • Screenshot of current lenders

Best Practices & Tips For a Successful Call

Before The Call

• Find their social accounts
• Send them a text
• Send them a video

During The Call

• Treat them like a friend
• What problems are they facing
• Focus on them and not you

After The Call

• Schedule in person meeting
• Send them a text
• Request a Realtor pitch deck


Casey Holland | Branch Manager
Chris Smith | Branch Manager