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Laurie Lawton Scott

Branch Manager | NMLS# 203321
(C) 602-329-2950
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Laurie is an Arizona native that lives and serves her local community with the homebuying process. She opened her lending office in Prescott in 2006.  “I am honored to serve and support our countries veterans, active military, public safety and those that live within our community.  While we have state of the art technology to streamline the process, it is my honor to try and meet personally with every single family we assist.”

By partnering with other local industry leaders in the real estate market, it is her and her teams’ goal to ensure residents can obtain housing in the very community they work within.  She is well known for her volunteer work, paying it forward within her community and state to help those in need.

“It is an honor to work at an award-winning company that is locally owned, embraces our local culture, and values the families within our community.”  We exist to improve the lives we touch!  Laurie is married to a former SOC (SEAL) USN Ret and Retired Law enforcement officer.  While she serves AZ, CA & CO, they call Arizona home. They share an amazing family of seven children, one of whom is active with the USMC, one on his way to the Fire Department, and two more on their way to enlistment!


We are proud to serve our Armed Forces!


If you’re a veteran or active-duty military member, you have access to VA home loans. This loan, which is guaranteed by the US Department of Veteran Affairs, has allowed many Veterans and servicemen and women the opportunity to have a home of their own.

VA loans carry a wealth of advantages over other types of home loans, making them an ideal choice for anyone who qualifies.  This team has a soft spot for those men and women who served, ask your team about special financing offers exclusively offered by Nations Lending Corporation!


Your Service is your Down Payment!

Calling all heros!

It is necessary to recognize and appreciate the hard work of all those who strive to make a positive impact in our local communities.  These everyday heroes sacrifice their time and energy to ensure the safety, health, education and growth of our great state.  Please ask your team about our Hero program and let us thank you for your service! First Responders, Law Enforcement, Teachers, Military, Firefighters, and Health Care.


A Veteran Story

Reverse done right™

A common took to alleviate payments and/or debt is through the use of a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM).  This amazing tool can also be utilized for purchasing your retirement home. Let us show you how home equity solutions from Nations Lending Corporation may help you build a better future and achieve financial independence.

Is it time to start that well-deserved retirement?


Consumer Protection is at the Heart of all We Do –

Going through a divorce is unsettling at best.  It is imperative to work with a team that has earned the designation of RCS-D ™ – By using a trained team of mortgage professionals and industry leaders, there is the right way to work with family lawyers, mediators, and accountants/financial professionals BEFORE divorce mediation | trial | collaborative practice to prevent financial and legal mistakes with the house that ruin families, finances, and futures.

My team is highly recommended by clientele and family law specialist, ask how we can help –

Laurie Lawton Scott

Real Estate Collaborations Specialist – Divorce ™

Down Payment Assistance:

If you’re thinking about buying a house and have never bought one before, you might be wondering how much money you need to buy a home. Most prospective homeowners understand that there is a bit of an initial investment, but are completely unaware of how much cash is needed to buy a house. Of course they know they need to have cash on hand for a down payment in most circumstances, but there is more required than just the down payment when it comes to buying a home. So how much money will you really need? Here are the primary up front costs associated with buying a home:

Down Payment Funding/Fees:

Most types of home loans require a minimum down payment of 3.5% of the purchase price on a home unless you’re doing USDA or VA financing. Even then the benefits of utilizing a down payment assistance program can help. With so many options available let us help guide you through the process.
Arizona Home Plus mortgage program has been updated to offer a greater variety of opportunities to Arizona home buyers who need down payment assistance. These expanded options include different down payment amounts, higher maximum loan amounts and income limits, different loan programs and different qualifying criteria.

The Arizona Home Plus home loan program is popular because the funds have been consistently available over the past few years. As such, many people in Arizona have been able to achieve the pride, stability, freedom and wealth that accompanies home ownership. The assistance program is structured as a three-year, no interest, no payment, soft second mortgage, forgiven monthly at a rate of 1/36 over the term of the lien. Once again, the lien is completely forgiven after you stay in the home for three years without refinancing. This type of lien is sometimes referred to as a silent second mortgage because you do not have to pay interest or make payments. Money from the Home Plus assistance is combined with government-sponsored mortgage programs and can be used for down payment and/or closing costs equal to as much as 5% of the mortgage loan. The path to homeownership starts here!


Laurie's Recognitions



• The Care Fund
• Americas Mighty Warriors
• Bethany’s Gait Ranch & Lisa’s Legacy
• Hope Fest
• Wounded Warrior Project
• Navy Seal Foundation
• Boulder Crest Foundation
• Breast Cancer Foundation


• Top 1% Originators in America, Scotsman Guide
• Top Women Originators in America, Scotsman Guide
• Top 1% - Top Performers –
• Outstanding Service & Achievement Award - Homes for Heroes
• Special Service Recognition - 100 Club of Arizona


• VAREP – Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals
• Certified Military Specialist